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Asked Questions

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  • Why dental hygiene?
    Your teeth are prized assets that enable you to enjoy life's little pleasures. It is really important to take care of your mouth, teeth, and gums for many reasons. Oral health comes with many benefits, including prevention of bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease, and can even help you keep your teeth as you age.
  • What are the effects of bad dental hygiene?
    An unhealthy and neglected mouth, especially if you struggle with gum disease, can lead to health problems down the road. Your mouth, gums, teeth, and the relationship between your overall health is indisputable.
  • What area do you serve?
    We are proud to offer our services to all residents of Moncton and South Eastern New Brunswick. Our mobile clinic can also visit hospitals, retirement homes and others in the Greater Moncton area.
  • Do I really need to floss?
    You may want to to cut your daily routine short but there's no getting around the need to get around your teeth daily with dental floss. It is the best way to clear food and plaque from between teeth and under the gumline. This will prevent plaque from hardening into tartar, which can form wedges and widen the space between teeth and gums, causing pockets. Over time, gums pull away and teeth loosen.
  • What do teeth sealants really do?
    Mostly used on kids, sealants protect against cavities that can form in the natural tiny holes and cracks on the outside of teeth. Kids from about 6 to 12 benefit from having sealants painted and hardened onto the chewing surfaces of their back teeth known as molars. But did you know that adults can get sealants as well to protect teeth that don't have fillings?
  • Do home whitening kits really work?
    While some store bought kits can show some limited results, nothing can compare to procedures done in a dental office. Teeth whitening kits are effective only at eliminating some stains and teeth discoloration. In-office teeth whitening is more effective because it uses whitening treatments that contain hydrogen peroxide concentrations of up to 40 percent, while most store-bought whitening products and kits usually have no more than 10 percent of concentrations. That's on top of having professionals there to provide you with expert advice.
  • What type of toothbrush should I use?
    You should only use toothbrushes with soft bristles. Depending on how vigorously you brush your teeth and the strength of your teeth, medium- and hard-bristled brushes could actually damage the gums, root surface, and protective enamel on your teeth. Also consider that most people find a soft bristle toothbrush more comfortable to use, making it the right choice.
  • Are treatments at Healthy Smiles Dental Hygiene covered by my insurance?
    Yes they are! Most insurance companies will cover the cost of your treatments, even if they are performed at an independent dental hygiene clinic. It's always a good idea to check your exact coverage with your insurance company by giving them a call.
  • Can you direct bill my insurance?
    We direct bill most insurance companies without any issue. However, a select few companies do not accept electronic billing from independent clinics in which case the patient will need to pay upfront and submit the claim to their insurer. We are here to help so if you have a question about submitting your receipt, just ask us. We suggest you check with your insurance company prior to visiting our office to obtain the details about your coverage.
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